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10 reasons to move to Madeira as a digital nomad

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Weather: Madeira is blessed with a mild and warm climate year-round, making it the perfect place for digital nomads to work from. With temperatures rarely dipping below 20°C (68°F) and almost always in the range of 22°C – 24°C (72°F – 75°F), you can guarantee comfortable working conditions all year long. Furthermore, the island’s location in the Atlantic Ocean ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of sunshine each day, allowing you to take full advantage of outdoor living and explore everything the region has to offer.

Nature: With its lush landscapes and towering mountains, Madeira provides a tranquil environment that’s ideal for digital nomads seeking an escape from their busy lives. The island is home to some incredible natural attractions such as Cabo Girão—Europe’s highest sea cliff—and many breathtakingly beautiful gardens and parks which are perfect for relaxation or simply taking a break from work tasks.

Culture: Although small in size, Madeira offers plenty of cultural experiences due to its rich history and vibrant culture. From traditional Portuguese cuisine served in local restaurants to religious festivals held throughout the year, there’s something here for anyone looking for an immersive experience while living abroad as a digital nomad. Whether you’re looking for unique shopping opportunities or exciting nightlife venues—Madeira has it all!

Connectivity: Staying connected is essential for digital nomads, and luckily Madeira presents no problems in this regard as its internet connections are some of the best in Europe with speeds reaching up to 100 Mbps (Megabits per second). This makes it easy to stay productive while working remotely on projects or communicating with clients located abroad.

Cost of Living: Renting an apartment or house in Madeira isn’t particularly expensive compared with other cities around Europe. A one bedroom apartment will cost around €550 – 700 ($650 – 850 USD) per month including utilities depending on your location, which is great news for digital nomads looking for ways to save money while living abroad without sacrificing comfort or quality of life!

Safety: As well as being incredibly beautiful, Madeira is also very safe—ranked sixth out of 162 countries worldwide by Numbeo’s Crime Index 2020 report—so those looking for a hassle-free lifestyle can rest assured knowing that they’ll be able to enjoy their time here without worry about their safety or security when venturing out into the local area beyond their accommodation.

Healthcare: Digital nomads living in Portugal have access to free healthcare under the country’s public health system which covers all common medical expenses such as doctor visits and prescription medications at no additional cost —perfect if you suffer with any pre-existing medical conditions while abroad or need access to regular healthcare services while working remotely away from home!

Transportation: Getting around Madeira is simple thanks to its efficient public transportation network which includes buses running between major towns across the island at frequent intervals each day, plus taxis which are easy to hail via smartphone apps like MyTaxiPortugal or Uber if required!

   Additionally, those who want more freedom can opt for self-driving cars available from rental companies across the island offering competitive prices on vehicles and insurance packages aimed at digital nomads staying longer than two weeks!

Tax Advantages: Portugal operates under a non-habitual residency tax regime which means that residents who become certified non-habitual residents can benefit from reduced income tax rates for up to 10 years – great news if you plan on living in Portugal long term as a digital nomad!  Moreover, individual capital gains earned outside of Portugal are also exempt from taxation so those planning on selling assets back home won’t have anything extra deducted by authorities during their stint abroad either!

Opportunities Abound: With so much natural beauty surrounding them daily — many remote workers find themselves inspired by their new surroundings when living in Madeira — leading some even start businesses or freelance opportunities during their stay here as well as pursuing remote gigs alone! So whether it’s web design courses offered by local schools; cultural activities organized by friends; professional networking events held by expat organizations; co-working spaces popping up everywhere; chances abound — meaning that your time spent overseas could open up plenty of new possibilities career wise whilst enjoying life here too!!

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